Textured Polymer Beads in San Antonio

Posted on Oct 3, 2007

053My textured bead class is coming to San Antonio this weekend.  At last check there were still a couple spaces left in this two day workshop.  Come learn how to turn both raw and cured polymer clay on a simple lathe.  Create texture sheets and learn surprising but simple ways to wrap that texture around beads with both simple and complex curves.  For more information, visit the San Antonio Polymer Clay Guild website.


  1. hey Grant,
    Thanks for a great workshop, tomorrow I am buying a lathe!!!! Found a great one on sale at the local woodworking shop. And a now “toy store” they also have wonderful sandpaper. You opened my eyes to a whole new way of working PC. The woodworkers want me to bring in some PC and show them how it works! After all, it is a new market for them! they are going to convert the lathe for me after seeing what I need it to do, they think it will be the same setup as the acrilic turning. thanks again for your patience and a great class!
    Hugs, Mary-Ruth

  2. I really want to know how you’ve adapted a little drill (is this right) into a makeshift lathe. And how you get deep textures around complex curves – the easy way!! Is some of this info in your new book? I wonder if you’d ever consider doing an instructional dvd on these polymer and PMC techniques your so good at? (HINT HINT NUDGE PUSH NUDGE!) (o:
    I miss out on your workshops. I love instructional Videos – lets you SEE it being done. (I’m completely self discovered/taught. So a lot of things I do, I expect I probably do it the complicated way because I tried to figure it out myself. This is ok and sometimes a good thing, but there comes a time when you need to be shown things in order to develop more. I’m going to try and take a metalsmith/silversmith course at some point and I would like to take some of the workshops I see around and about on polymer, jewellery and PMC – but there in the states!and I’m not.) Ah, but your work is inspiring Grant!! I dont normally draw inspiration from other artists work unless I know it’ll evolve into a completely different form -. Good stuff! (dig the beard! lol)