Storied Haven BRC 2015

Posted on Sep 21, 2015

Storied Haven at Black Rock City, 2015.

Storied Haven at Black Rock City, 2015.

A few months ago I posted some teasers on the new Five Ton Crane project, Storied Haven.  Thanks to Bree Hylkema for envisioning this wonder and leading us down the path to construction.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to our fund raising and especially for all the hard work, raw talent, and blood sweat and tears that enabled us to step in to this story book fantasy.  The boot house is two stories tall, but countless stories deep.  A glimpse of that lays on the bookshelf, a beautiful walnut piece by Gomez.  Dozens of carved out art books contain fanciful dioramas and hidden wonders, and the whole house is replete with storybook ephemera:

There is a stove of course, with a whole family of gingerbread cookies.

Boot Upstairs