“Polymer Clay Beads: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration” by Grant Diffendaffer

Posted on Dec 3, 2007

Polymer Clay BeadsI have promotional copies in hand and the first shipment of Polymer Clay Beads: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration is on its way to me now. It looks like those of you that already ordered with holiday gifts in mind might be in luck. If you are surprised by the new cover, that’s because its the surprising new cover. Surprise! The first one was a mock-up for early catalog purposes. The new one features Textured Tube Beads (red and grey), a Lathe Turned and Textured Bead (gold and orange), an Extruded and Lathe Turned Bead (gold), and an Extruded, Twisted, and Lathe Turned Bead (green). All of these beads and many more are featured in the tutorials and lavish photos of this gorgeous hardbound book from Lark Publishing. Capping off 144 pages is a gallery of work from twelve of the worlds finest polymer clay bead artists. Come back here for more on them in days to come. You can order the book here.


  1. I have so much more appreciated your work since taking a class from you a few years ago. And still your works evolves and becomes interesting in still a new way.

    I’ll be getting your book (either as a present, or if nobody takes my hinting… I’ll gift myself!) But I’d still take another class with you in a heartbeat.

  2. Oo la laa!! Gad! was I one of the early orderers – I can’t remember. I ordered it as SOON as I saw it! But did I get in there fast enough to be one of the privaledged “first recipients”?! I cant take a class with you unless you visit london – but I would if it ever coordinated with a US trip or you did come here. I love your work because its a million miles away from crafty polymer. Like ford and forlano’s stuff now – it looks organic and super cool. lol.
    Its classy and ecclectic and unusual and artistic….and creative..(can I get a book first? can I can I!!)
    I’m on a mission to evolve my jewellery making skills so that I make gallery worthy stuff and its unique to me and wearable, even if a little odd looking, sometimes. I’d love people to put something of mine on and think its not them but then absolutely have to own it!(Because it looks reeeeally good)lol.
    can I get the book, can I, can I, can I?!! (o;

  3. Hello, I ordered directly from you, when can we expect to see our books? I keep reading about people who have their books and how great it is and I want to read it too, LOL. Thanks, Sue Castle

  4. Hey Grant,

    got my copy two days ago and finally found the time to read it this afternoon. What a great compilation of your awesome techniques. I’m really excited to try everything shown (except the lathe turning stuff, as I don’t have one)

    you rock!


  5. I have ordered my copy few days ago and cannot wait to have it!

    Will you come to Israel to teach?

    Great day!