Peachy Printer Thief: “It’s been an interesting ride”

Posted on May 14, 2016

Those were David Boe’s words April 14th, 2014. David just stopped by the Beta Testers’ Forum to say hi–one month after he was apparently done spending $320,000 of Kickstarter backers money building a house instead of a 3D printer.


“I would like to say thanks to all of our Peachy Printer team and everyone who has helped bring our little printer along this far, and am looking forward to seeing where it all goes!”

Right after spending half their magically huge haul on a house he couldn’t even finish. He says that after meeting Peachy Printer creator Rylan Grayston randomly in his driveway one day that they

started talking, sharing idea’s (sic) and everything seemed to just “click.”

“Click,” indeed. And click by click a million dollars went down the drain. One wonders what ideas were really shared that day.