Good News and Bad News About My Book

Posted on Dec 17, 2007

The good news is that the book is now shipping. The bad news is I received my first shipment and it was less than ship shape. The end of the box was ripped off completely, having been replaced with an “X” of transparent shipping tape that kept in the damaged remaining third. Good news again is that I have a rush shipment on the way. I may well be out of town by the time it arrives, but that’s not such bad news because I have split my shipment in two, with half going to each place. The long and the short of it all is that I expect to be shipping books before the new year for all orders to date.

On a happier note, I’m pleased to see wonderful review’s of the book from both Polymer Clay Daily, and Polymer Clay Notes.  Big thanks to Cynthia Tinapple and Susan Lomuto for that.


  1. I am anxiously awaiting shipment of my book from Amazon….

  2. Grant – I think that you should know that in my Amazon-bought copy, pages 49-64 are all jumbled up, so reading pages in consecutive order is somewhat of a scavenger hunt. I intend to call Lark books to get a better copy. Your book is gorgeous, your writing is clear, and it is a pity that they screwed up your hard work.

  3. Hi Grant!
    Good news, I got my book from Amazon on the 24. It´s great, my first textured beads are in the oven and I am looking forward to springtime, I want to use my father´s lathe in the garden – the living room is not the right place;)
    Thanks a lot for this book – and start to write the next one….
    Best wishes for 2008
    Bettina from Austria

  4. Well Beth, I think I file that under bad news. I’m going to get on the phone and see if I can sort that out. So far your report is the only one I’ve heard about the problem. I’ll just hope it is an isolated case. Thanks.


  5. Hi Grant,

    Some gals in a forum were just discussing the fact that they had ordered your book and it’s on backorder. Anyway, while everyone is anxiously awaiting their copy of your book, could you possibly enlighten us as to what brand/model of lathe you use?


  6. Hi Cris……Hello everyone. Well, after a long wait for my books, several irritating hangups along the way, I sent almost all of them today. I need to stop for some more shipping supplies and the last three will go out. So if you have been waiting, you will wait no more.

    As for lathes, I will try and get up a post about lathes in the very near future. I myself use a makeshift lathe driven with a flex shaft machine. The lathe bed and tailstock are from a Harbor Freight version of the Unimat lathe, neither of which I believe to be presently available in this country. Micro Mark (.com) used to have a childs lathe based on the same platform. I just about bought a Proxxon light duty mini lathe until I realized that it can’t take a rotating chuck or collet on the tailstock. My first choice if I had the money would probably be either a Sherline or Taig mini lathe. A jet or delta or grizzly or …. fill in the blank entry level smallest model lathe would be fine. At minimum it needs a rotating chuck on the tailstock. It should be variable speed, but without testing it, I have no way of saying for sure if the slow speed is slow enough for raw clay. With the flex shaft I have an infinitely variable speed setting. The ideal would be dial set speed control from 0-? rpm. Most lathes that can be adjusted only by changing the belt from wheel to wheel start at about 500 rpm I think. That seems like it should be slow enough but I don’t really have any way to judge. Hope that helps. Like I said, I will post about lathes as soon as I have the time.

    As for backordered books, like I said. I am delivering now and have more books on hand and immediately available. I suspect Amazon is holding back while they check or replace their stock due to apparently misordered pages in at least one copy of the book that I know of.


  7. Hi Grant,
    Thanks so much for the info on lathes. It’s very much appreciated.