I have engaged in numerous public projects that were co-created by many talented people.  Here is a look at some of them  (photo credit’s in process–thank you all):

The Steampunk Treehouse, by 5 Ton Crane,

I was fortunate to spend many hours fabricating and installing the treehouse.

Raygun Gothic Rocketship, by 5 Ton Crane,

I contributed rayguns and bronze mission pennants, as well as supporting numerous installs, and building one really big dustproof kitchen in the desert.


I have run the stage builds for two Home Season performances in Heron Alley as well as set fabrication for SOAR.

the Raft

I built this with Jay Kravitz for a commercial fashion shoot.

Oakland² at the MOMA, Group show with 5 Ton Crane

I contributed a couple of embroideries to this tapestry of talent.

The Decameron

The Quest:

Michael Sturtz: Director /Producer of the Quest at Curiosity Camp 2014 and photography by Eric Gillet

I built this 150′ cardboard slide down a hillside with my partner Mateo PTMD.

Latham Square: by ReBar Design, Engineered Artworks, and Paul Mirocha.

I was a partner in the carpentry and installation of this project.

Star Star Roadhouse:

I was one hand of many who built this large performance venue and camp spearheaded by Nectar Productions.


Photo by Elizabeth Castaneda


The Teahouse: Design by Sarah Hedden, Project Management Tyson Ayers. Ropework by the crew.

I did carpentry and provided design feedback.

Storied Haven by Bree Hylkema and 5 Ton Crane

I salvaged and laid the hardwood floors.

Berkeley² at the Moffit Library. I created the board that says “Student Activities.”

Capitol Theater, by Five Ton Crane

I designed the theater seat end-caps and laid much of the tile floor. I also took these photos (and most on this page).