Grant Diffendaffer Design

This map should help. We are in Zone 2, all the way at the corner of the building, kitty corner to the California College of the Arts area. On this map it is marked as the “Make Electronics” area.


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I am furiously preparing for Maker Faire, where I load in just three short days from now. I have a pile of freshly minted Steadcraft earrings for sale and will be exhibiting a range of work. Come see classic necklaces from my book, Polymer Clay Beads, Steadcraft prototypes of embroidered cuffs and mixed-media broaches as well as demonstrations of our latest processes.

See my Printrbot in action, check out sculptural 3D prints from reality capture via the forthcoming Autodesk ReMake, watch my embroidery machine sew 600 stitches per minute, ask me “what the heck is metal clay?”or just stop by to chat with me about the state of affairs in the maker world. I’ve got lots to say about the Peachy Printer debacle, if you have been following that. Or, we can just jam about all the positive things that are happening to bring together hand-craft with digital fabrication.

If you haven’t planned to attend Maker Faire yet, get tickets! It is May 20th-22nd and is the largest and longest running multi maker mashup in el mundo!



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This is not a Kickstarter! This is an old-fashioned Grand Opening Sale! I have decided that for now the best crowdfunding for this business is organic growth. Save 25% at our online store from now until May 27th. Just use the code “grand opening” at checkout and get free shipping too!

Purchasing our vintage-inspired jewelry is both a great way to get your style on and is also a huge support for small business. With your patronage, we will be able to support continued production and development of our line. On our website, you will find a large selection of earrings in copper, bronze, and fine-silver. Stock is limited but we will be taking back-orders, which will take about 2 weeks to fulfill.

We will be investing our profit right back into the business and look forward to bringing you an expanded selection of men’s and women’s jewelry and accessories. Come find us at Maker Faire, May 20th-22nd, and as always, at

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If you haven’t seen it lately, check out my Portfolio, which I’ve given a little face-lift to.  Here is a quick look at a few of my favorites from over the years:

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I had an excellent reception at Maker Faire with Steadcraft last year and I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be returning once again this year! Mark your calendar and come on down to the Maker Faire May 20th-22nd.

You’ll be glad to know that I’m still plan crowdfunding to enable me to enter low level production with the new jewelry line and distribute it more widely. Stay tuned for more information on how you can be one of the first to wear my vintage inspired digitally designed jewelry and accessories.

For the time being, enjoy this gallery of photos of my new earrings.

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It’s been a bit since Maker Faire now and my plans to launch a kickstarter for Steadcraft are simmering on the back burner for a bit while summer plans take precedence.  I have built out quite an assortment of earrings in fine silver, bronze, and copper, as well as a nice looking round of bronze and steel married metal earrings.  Mostly I’m judging my success by my ability to re-create a single design in all three metals and to have very few pieces lost to breakage, which happens both when the delicate earrings are in their fragile bone-dry state before firing, as well as when I hammer them to their final domed form.  It’s very frustrating to break pieces–especially when they came out of the kiln looking beautiful and I pound them with a hammer and dapping punch and they break.  You know–like I couldn’t just leave well enough alone?  It’s an instructive lesson though.  I don’t want to be sending out something so fragile that it breaks from regular use.  Hammering the metal work-hardens it, forms it, and if it breaks, either alerts me to a design defect or an under-fired kiln load.  At this point I just have to fill in a few missing pieces and I will have a full set of earrings ready to go.  Have a look:

As I mentioned previously, there are other designs in the works for Steadcraft–belt buckles, pins, cuffs, pendants, and more.  As with most prototyping processes, Accomplishing a design and prototyping plan on schedule can be a challenge on limited time and resources–but it is happening little by little as I can find time for it.  As far as that goes–I don’t have any time at all for the next six weeks so it will have to wait.  I may pare back on the designs I initially plan to offer–or given a bit of time might have them in time for the holidays along with the rest of the line.

When you see some of what I’ve been working on outside of Steadcraft, you will understand my diversion (plus everybody has to pay the bills right?).  In addition to some construction and fabrication work, I have been putting time into the Storied Haven project, set to debut in just weeks.  Stay tuned for more on Steadcraft, Storied Haven, and my other project, Star Star Roadhouse, after That Thing in The Desert.



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